Welcome to the online survey portal McDVOICE Survey at official site. The aim of this survey is to ensure the quality and norms that meet the needs of customers. The McDVOICE survey offers customers a voucher coupon that can be redeemed by their next visit to McDonald’s store.

McDonald’s always strives to ensure customer satisfaction and tries to keep the standards at a high level. With McDonald’s survey and feedback portal, the company is trying to get real opinions and reward your customers when they complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

By visiting the official site, customers can provide their feedback and comments on their last visit to the restaurant and receive a reward for the same.

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McDVOICE Survey –

Since McDonald’s is one of the largest food chain restaurants in the world and mainly the USA, the company does a lot for the customers and their feedback on services and food. With this main purpose, McDVOICE customer satisfaction survey is developed, where users can receive discounts and free burgers for the next visit.

The basic principles provide that a particular user can’t take more than 5 surveys in a month. Also, the age of the candidate must be at least 15 years.

How to take McDVOICE Survey?

  1. To start with the McDVOICE Survey, visit the official website.
  2. As soon as you visit the website, you can select the desired language.
  3. Select your language and enter the “survey code” from your McDonald receipt.
  4. If you do not find the survey code on your receipt, enter the store number, visit date, and time. Make sure to enter the correct data and click “Start”.
  5. You can now see the survey page with a short questionnaire list.
  6. You will also be asked about the quality of food, service and the behavior of the staff. Try to answer all questions fairly.
  7. When you have answered all the questions, click “Submit Button”.
  8. Now, you will receive a validation code at the end of the process.
  9. Note down the validation code. You’ll need this code to redeem your next visit to the store.

Terms and Condition for McDonald’s Survey

Take a few moments to know the terms before entering into the survey. McDonald’s asks the customers to meet these minimum conditions to participate in the survey.

  • McDonald’s customers can take up to 5 surveys in a month, per store.
  • You must redeem your voucher code from within 7 days of your survey; an extension is strictly not allowed.
  • You must be a resident of the USA or Canada.
  • You need to be at least 15 years old.
  • For registration purposes, you must use the last week’s valid receipts.
  • You have not worked for McDonald’s in the past.
  • McDVOICE can anytime suspend the coupon without any clarification.
RequirementReceipt Number
LanguageEnglish, Spanish
RewardCashback, burgers
Validity7 days

Benefits of Survey

If you think that doing the McDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey is a waste of time, then that’s completely not true. Your comments would be very helpful to the company.

McDonald’s is a great brand that always adds a new item to the menu and is regularly updated. To find out if McDonald’s is delivering it’s best, customers should take part in the survey.

So by taking part in the survey, you are getting rewarded, and you are also helping McDonald’s to improve its service and food quality. And remember, it hardly takes few minutes to fill the feedback for a coupon which you can use on your next visit to McDonald’s.

Comments from the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey are used to make the customer happier. And the survey will also be used for the development of the company in all aspects. At the end of the day, McDonald’s wants to see its customers happy with their service.

Customer Service:

If you are not able to access the website i.e then please make sure you have a working connection or you can even try to clear your cookies. Or else, please don’t hesitate to contact on this toll-free number:  1-800-244-6227 (7 a.m to 7 p.m).

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  1. I am done with mcd horrible service and long wait times.
    10388-02381-22818-12345-00065-9. I was a customer for over 60 years, not any more

  2. Horrible service and food at the Route 4, Paramus NJ location. Takes at least 5 minutes at Drive thru order box before anyone takes your order. They serve old, cold food and even when you request fresh fries, you get old fries dipped in oil and loaded with salt. This location is damaging the reputation of the McDonalds brand.

  3. I stop at mccdonalds at lebanon restaurant #33412 just to get a burger and it was over 10 minutes just to get a quarter pounder have same experience several times at same place will not go back agaain

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